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Monday, January 20, 2014

Urge Your Congressional Rep. to Support House Resolution on Dyslexia, #456

The Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity congratulates Rep. Bill Cassidy for the House Resolution on Dyslexia (H.Res. 456, 113th Congress), at long last, recognizing that dyslexia is an unexpected difficulty that has profound educational implications.

Rep. Cassidy's resolution represents a giant step forward for everyone and anyone who cares about dyslexia - parents, teachers, dyslexic children and adults. Science has progressed in bringing understanding and clarity to dyslexia. This Resolution now calls for educators and testing agencies to catch up and put this powerful knowledge to work so that affected children and their families, and our entire nation may benefit. For too long, parents have had to endure watching their child struggle, often year after year, with every sign of dyslexia, with (if they could afford it) reports confirming the diagnosis, only to be denied recognition and services. Children confused, thinking they are not capable, lose self-esteem and give up on themselves and their futures. 

Rep. Cassidy's Resolution recognizes each major element of dyslexia, its:  high prevalence (1 in 5);  cognitive and neurobiological bases; unexpected nature; persistence; and critically, its profound impact on education and the critical need for action by schools. Dyslexia impacts your child's education and can be properly and successfully addressed by schools. There is no excuse not to, our children and our nation's futures are at stake. Schools must take their heads out of the ground and look up - to science and morality - and move forward.

Rep. Cassidy gets it; the Bipartisan Dyslexia Caucus which he co-founded was a major step forward and now the Dyslexia Resolution brings light and understanding and we hope action to ensuring that children who are dyslexic receive the understanding and evidence-based programs and accommodations that they deserve and require. We urge all who care to contact your Congressional representative and urge him or her to support this resolution. Please act now - find your rep here:
You can make a difference!

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